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Working remotely is becoming more and more of a trend as our technology advances. It gives both you and the company more freedom, and fewer expenses, in terms of traveling and office space. But when you work from home, it can be difficult to stay motivated, especially when there’s no one else in your vicinity.


Here are a few suggestions on making the most of your day and remaining engaged, even when you’re not in the office:


Find your routine.

We all function better with some semblance of consistency. It keeps us organized and focused, and when you work remotely, the more routine you can rely on, the better off you’ll be. Finding your routine means you’ll be able to get into “work mode” more easily than if you just do whatever you feel like doing every day. You’ll be more productive, and if you change workspaces, you’ll still have your routine to fall back on even in a new space.


Get dressed.

This one is so much bigger than people realize. Although the temptation to work in your pajamas will be there, make the active choice to change and get dressed before you start working for the day. It’ll change your entire mentality, and it’ll help you get more in “work mode.” It’ll even boost your confidence, because when you look put-together, you generally feel better about yourself and the work you complete that day. Do yourself a favor and make sure to get dressed for each day, even if the only other person you’ll see that day is your roommate.


Minimize distractions: physical and mental.

It’s too easy to get distracted nowadays, when entertainment is as simple as opening a new window to watch a YouTube video. Keep your desktop clear, your mind focused, and know where everything is so you’re not frantically searching for the right folder. Make sure your physical desk is organized, too, because otherwise you’ll be distracted by the clutter, and then you won’t work as well.


And, on that note, make sure you actually have a space specifically for work, to help you get into that workspace. Doing work in bed might sound relaxing, but the truth is, you won’t be able to focus as well because a nap would just be so easy. Don’t do it. Find your space and organize it. Put your phone on airplane mode if you need to, or a website blocker if you know you’re going to hop over to Buzzfeed every five minutes. There are a ton of tools at your disposal to help with the digital aspect of this. You might as well use them!