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Having tough employees can lead to a host of negative experiences. Bosses and managers may dread coming to work, or contentious situations can arise and disrupt the office. While the exact methods to use can vary depending upon the situation, harnessing some strategies can help to alleviate tension and better the situation.

Establish standards.

Sometimes, employees are tough because of their own personalities. In other cases, they’re tough because the company hasn’t established proper standards and protocols. Developing a system of rules and regulations that employees are required to follow might resolve some of the issues. Some employees simply need to know what is expected of them.

Promote personal accountability.

When employees are difficult to manage, it might be because they do not deal well with authority. While promoting a climate of respect at the workplace is pivotal, you also want employees to have a sense of personal accountability. By making it appealing for employees to do well in order to promote their own vocational well-being, managers may see chances in even the toughest of cases.

Uncover the problem.

In other situations, employees may act out because they want someone to ask what is wrong. They may feel uncomfortable approaching management about a negative situation at work or a barrier that they have experienced. Simply asking them about the source of their negative behaviors can lead to a productive conversation.

Promote group work.

It’s also possible that some employees are unaware of how they should act on the job. Promoting more group activities can allow the top employees to lead by example. For example, companies may develop workshops to bring new training and skills to the employees and divide them into groups to work during the sessions.

Set clear consequences.

Not every situation is going to be resolved. Clear consequences can let problematic employees know what to expect if their behaviors continue. Of course, managers and bosses must know when a situation is getting serious and when they need to call in outside help. For example, they must contact the authorities if employees are getting violent.

Difficult employees can cause a host of problems in the work environment. As a result, it is important to evaluate exactly what the issues are on the job and to create a plan for addressing them.