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Any business comes with its obstacles—in fact, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to go through the day without coming across some kind of conflict. It takes creative thinking and flexibility to find a solution. Though it will require contributing extra effort, going above and beyond to find the best possible one will pay off in the long run.


This is especially true in the business world. The companies that are succeeding the most are the ones utilizing innovation. Ride-sharing, media streaming, and right-to-your-door delivery keep Lyft, Netflix, and Amazon in business, but not only do they offer a product or service people want, but they do so extremely efficiently.


Here are just a few of the ways they continue to excel in their markets and crush their competition:



It sounds cliche, yes, but even science proves that problem-solving in a group or at least in a partnership is a more effective method than just one mind coming up with all the answers. True, some people prefer to come up with the ideas all on their own, but having a sounding board provides the opportunity for feedback that one person simply cannot give. The most successful people make sure to obtain various opinions from trusted sources.


Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber write a paper on this very topic, that thinking and reasoning disproportionately improve outcomes because the speakers are forced to defend their points to others. It’s much harder and much less compelling to be both the arguer and the recipient; having a partner or group of people, however, offers different viewpoints and points out bias you otherwise wouldn’t recognize.


Organizational Structure

A meeting of the minds is essential, there’s no doubt, but it doesn’t matter how many great minds you have in your vicinity if they don’t feel they can contribute. If an independent thinker is unable to contribute feedback without fear of retribution, then that environment is not at all conducive to solving a problem.


An environment that welcomes creativity from and views failures as opportunities to learn will flourish and thrive. People will feel comfortable trying new tactics that could result in helpful new discoveries. By maintaining a diverse group in both thought processes and backgrounds, the entire project will benefit because it becomes less and less likely that the solution they arrive at will be a commonly-used one.


There will be hurdles in any path you take, but by working with a team and allowing for an open forum, the results will allow you to overcome them with great success.